Homeopathy can help children by a very safe and gentle approach. Homeopathic medicines are “kids friendly medicines” meaning sweet to taste and are given in very small doses. 

Some examples of conditions that homeopathy can treat in children are:

– Teething

– Ear Infection

– Eczema

– Tonsillitis and enlarged adenoids

– Croup, etc

Advantages of using Homeopathic treatment for kids

– Its a gentle treatment that uses natural ingredients with no side effects

– Does not interact with with other conventional medicines

– Builds up the immune system and prevents children from frequently falling sick.

– Is very effective for both acute and chronic cases

– Treats acute conditions effectively preventing them from becoming chronic

– Once cured, chronic conditions don’t keep flaring up

– Children love the sweet kid friendly medicines

– Treats viral diseases such as flu very effectively

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