Women’s Health

I understand that the word “fertility” can be an emotional word for some. Many couples try to conceive and are disappointed each month when conventional methods fail to work. Many fertility programs, such as IVF are expensive and may have uncomfortable side effects due to the extra hormones that are used to stimulate the reproductive system. I am here to offer a totally natural and holistic approach with an 80% success rate. This program has helped 249 (out of 285) families get pregnant. Diseases such as endometriosis and fibroids are not prohibitive to this program’s success, in fact many women feel better while they are on this program than they have in years.

Usual reasons for not being able to conceive:

  • History of miscarriages
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Endometriosis
  • History of prolonged use of contraceptive pills leading to anovulation

Homeopathic Support

My homeopathic support and care program will provide a better and balanced energetic state of health for both partners. This process will shift the woman’s hormonal imbalance to a healthy balance, improve overall health, metabolism, improves ovulation, regularize the menstrual cycle, and prepare your body for the big change of “conception”. The remedies we use will also take care of family tendencies towards diseases and will protect your baby from related health issues in the future. Plus, as a parent both partners will be healthy, happy, and emotionally balanced to welcome their bundle of joy.

To find out if this program is a good fit, please book a 15 minute free session to discuss your options.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q) What is the cost of this program?
  • The cost for homeopathic natural fertility care consultation and management fees:
    • Female client is $550 and Male client is $250


An ongoing monthly fee of $297 per couple for a six (6) month period is required.

This fee includes:

One monthly in-person or video conference session
Weekly email follow ups
Free acute care included during the 6 month period.
Purchase of homeopathic remedy kit for acute care is recommended

**There is an 80% success rate in six (6) months for those couples who follow the program as directed.

Q) What is the age to get enrolled in this program?

  • The maximum age for a woman in the Natural Fertility Program is 42.
  • The maximum age for a man in the Natural Fertility Program is 50.

Q)What is the process once an appointment is made?

For local clients we can have an in-person appointment. For long distance clients anywhere in the world we can do a phone or video consult – you can let us know when you book your appointment.

I offer consultation, advice, support and homeopathic knowledge during the time you are working with me. Once you are done with the first consultation an email will be sent out with instructions on where to get the remedies (these are not included in the fees).

Remember if you comply with this program there is an 80% chance of you having a healthy pregnancy resulting in a beautiful baby.

Q)How long is the program?

The program requires both partners to be under fertility care for 6 months. Usually, in this program you will get pregnant within 4 cycles that is 4 months, and we would like to observe you for the next two months. There will be some couples who might take an additional month or two.

At the same time I do not want to give any false hopes to the couples in my care. We will not continue treatment if there is no progress within 6 cycles. However you should know that even if you do not get pregnant as part of this program, you will be healthier than before to undergo any other treatment.

Q) Why Homeopathy and fertility?

Seeing couples achieve a healthy pregnancy and a happy healthy family using a natural holistic approach is enough to convince anyone that this approach works. Think of Homeopathy as designer therapy – everything about the program is highly individualized from the initial evaluation to the treatment regimen. During the program we will identify the obstacles preventing this miracle from happening for you, detox your body from any prior contraceptives and jump start your ovaries by nudging your innate vital force to wake up through a constitutional approach.

Q)Remedies for the program?

We use homeopathic remedies, natural herbs, and flower essences to support you as part of this program as needed. These remedies are not included in the fees for the program. Once the initial consult is done you will be sent a welcome email with instructions on what and where to buy the remedies.