Complete Elimination of Autism Spectrum Expression + Detox

I work with children who are our “our future” and support them in their growth using the most natural, healthy and pure way.

When I see people suffering around me especially kids who have behavioral issues, autistic kids, special needs children, it saddens me. It saddens me even more when people around them do not understand these kids. Such situations make me feel helpless. If only there was a way to connect with these people and help them.

This heavy heart and search for hope led me to become a CEASE therapist. This training was an eye opener for me. I could see “hope for change” and a doorway for the parents or people who cannot be helped by conventional medicine. I have seen in my practice and my colleagues practice how CEASE has helped hundreds of families. It is really fulfilling to see the sparkle in the eyes of the children who were in a state where they could not feel emotions like everyone else does. I am overjoyed when parents come and tell me their child said “I love you Mom” and “I love you Dad” for the first time and really meant it.

I will educate you on what I need to evaluate in your child’s health history so you can dig deeper and find what to address during our path to healing. That said, each case is unique and so the healing process will be adjusted according to each individual’s needs. During our consultation I will lay out a map so you can see what will happen in the process. We will also assess the progress in each of our follow ups.

Each child is different and I have seen children get better in 12-18 months and there are children who need more work and can take up to 24- 36 months or more.

AND of course we work with kids who are healthy but need natural support to face the world on their own. 


What is CEASE?

CEASE is a holistic approach which combines Homeopathy with other natural support to help detox in the most gentle way. While addressing the inner health we also support the physical well being of the person to balance the healing process in the most dynamic and gentle way. CEASE works to eliminate toxicity from the body on many levels so as to restore good health over time. This method was initially designed to help people on the autistic spectrum, but actually many of us may benefit from this therapy, as many of us suffer from the ill effects of toxicity.

CEASE is a combination of:

  • Homeopathy
  • Isotherapy
  • Orthomolecular supplements
  • Nutrition


CEASE was developed by a Dutch physician, Tinus Smits, MD. Dr. Tinus helped well over 300 children with Autism prior to his death in 2010.

What MORE can CEASE therapy help with?

CEASE therapy was developed by Dr. Tinus Smits to help children with autism. As this therapy has evolved, we have found that in today’s modern world we are exposed to a lot of toxins and these toxins are assaulting us on a daily basis. Initially we may not feel it until we fall sick. Toxins abound for example in chemicals in floorings and furnishings, medications, vaccines, heavy metals, pesticides and amalgam fillings etc. Our body tries to fight these by storing these toxins and tries to maintain homeostasis until one day it cannot keep up and everything is in chaos. This is when our defense mechanisms give up and affect the endocrine system such as adrenals, thyroid, etc.

Similarly, heavy metals mess with our nervous system as they accumulate over time even though there may not be any overt effects until old age. As the body grows older it is not able to maintain homeostasis. As a result, symptoms of toxicity emerge.

Toxins can also effect our gut and healthy flora which results in impairing our digestive system and can result in a leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome and other diseases as well as poor absorption of nutrients. This prevents us from focussing at work and being able to lead an everyday healthy happy life.

In pregnancy, when the mom is exposed to mercury through amalgam dental fillings or contaminated foods, these toxins are stored in the fat cells of the mom. When in need the fetus extracts nutrition from the fat cells of the mom – the fetus is then exposed to toxins stored in these fat cells as mercury can cross the placenta and affect the baby. When these children grow they can suffer from recurrent tonsillitis which is why the homeopathic remedy mercury is often used for recurrent tonsillitis.

Another example, is when the mom is on antidepressants, the liver of the mom is compromised and these toxins can cross through the placenta. This affects the developing liver of the fetus. When the liver is compromised in these children they suffer from acid reflux, constipation and difficulty absorbing nutrients from processed foods.

This shows that in our modern world we are exposed to a number of toxins even before we enter this world. So it is understandable that many children born today may already have some form of toxicity affecting their systems. In turn this can make them reduce their tolerance for vaccines and other medications in the first year of life.

If you have tried other therapies and would like to find out if CEASE can help please book a 15 minute free session to discuss.

Worried about Detox during the process?

Don’t worry, as mentioned before this is a gentle process where you will have full support. I will educate you on how to handle these symptoms if any during the process.

Need more information on CEASE?

Your therapy should be managed and designed by a qualified CEASE practitioner due to the detoxification symptoms that may appear as the body begins to eliminate the effects of the causative substances. If you would like to find out more about CEASE therapy please visit: http://www.cease-therapy.com. This website also has parent blogs where you can read about various families’ journeys, and their results with the CEASE protocol.


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