Transform your life with Homeopathy!

We work with families and empower you to take back control of your health. We believe in a holistic approach and use natural remedies to heal symptoms of grief, depression, chronic pain, insomnia and other conditions as well as boost the immune system.

Homeopathy is a safe and effective alternative that helps the body fight environmental toxins, diseases and restores emotional well-being allowing you to achieve optimal health.

Homeopathy dives deep into your life story through your fears, dreams, likes and dislikes. It touches the subconscious mind to unlock patterns and underlying motivations.


Our vision is to support you and your inner self to find the purest and most natural way of healing. We achieve our mission by helping you and your loved ones find freedom in your lives through better health and happiness.


Private consultations are available by phone, email, video conference and range from 30 – 90 minutes. To keep the cost affordable it is approximately $70 per half hour. You can schedule an appointment and make the payment. Feel free to contact me for a 15 minute free consultation to get your questions answered.

Shiba Surti is always there to help you fight your unique health challenges. Her recommendations always works for my family from teething issues for my kids to headaches, heartburn and any daily health challenges we face.

~ T.S. Leesburg, VA

I am writing on behalf of my 10 years old daughter who received treatment from Shiba Surti for 3 months for difficult constipation problem.  We are satisfied with the result and my daughter does not have that issue any more. With Shiba’s remedy and diet suggestions it worked like miracles. We like Shiba’s professionalism, knowledge in her field and the way she works with her patients.

~ S.M. Fresno CA

Homeopathy has always been our preferred choice of remedy when it comes to our children health. From time to time, we consult with Shiba Surti for questions and concerns. I appreciate her taking time out to discuss the case on priority. Like a good homeopath, she always asks questions about the problem and gives scenarios to relate sometimes.

Her prescribed homeopathic remedies have really helped our children and us in many situations. In general, homeopathic remedies are easy to administer to the kids and they taste good which saves us from the struggle of force feeding them to our children. We highly recommend Shiba Surti for her experience in Homeopathy treatment.

~ A.S. Gaithersburg, MD